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Sunday 24 November 2013

Candle holder - present?

Credit for this project must go to Elena F's blog originally - and then a tutorial provided by Lasatas Crafty Hideout blog.  The basis of the project was a "wavy crisps" tin - I used the Aldis version of Pringles (because it was cheaper) for this one, but beware, it IS shorter than the Pringles version, and some long candles may not fit.  (The ones I had from IKEA didn't, sadly).
The papers used came from a Docrafts Christmas paper stack and the ribbon, lace and silk flowers were all from my stash.  I was really pleased with this as a first attempt!  The idea is that the long candles are tied together with ribbon and stored inside.  My tin still smelt a bit of cheese and onion, even thought I washed it out first, but I would imagine scented candles would remove that.  If plain candles were used, I would include a tumble drier sheet in the bottom of the tin to give some scent.

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