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Saturday 1 January 2011

And it came to pass...

I have other blogs, which I use to talk about life in general, but I wanted one to share my hobby of crafting specifically. So here we go! Isn't it pretty??

I've always enjoyed making things, and from a very young age have had a passion for pens. Very unusually for a child I began collecting fountain pens because I wanted them, not because I had to have them for school. And there is something about a shop filled with paper that I find almost irresistable...

So it was logical that my first crafting efforts would be calligraphy. I still like the art of pen and ink- but now it is only but one of the weapons in my armoury. In my crafting career, I have knitted, sewed (clothing, patchwork and cross stitch), crocheted, painted, made rugs, stencilled, decoupaged, made pottery, rubber stamped... and the list goes on. My main passion is for papercrafting.

I really wish I could pick just one craft and specialise - but I don't. Just like the butterflies I love, I flitter from one thing to another. And because of my pack rat nature, I collect and hoard all the necessary tools and equipment. There are a lot of crafting supplies in my house...

My plans for this blog are to post pictures of each card or project I make, along with a brief summary of what I used and how I did it. I will be posting historical pictures too - so I will probably have no clue where I got that paper from, or that stamp. But you have to begin somewhere, and it is interesting to see how my style developed since I got the crafting bug many years ago! Each post is dated when the picture was taken, so earlier projects will be before this entry.

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