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Saturday 18 October 2014

Pop up 6th birthday card

Another day and a new card style for me today - a pop up card.

My friend C's little boy is 6 next week and loves his lego, so I thought I would make a card featuring the characters he plays with.

I've seen pop up cards online and thought they looked good and made a prototype using some stamped flowers that worked so then moved on to the real thing.  The only question was, where would I get the images of the characters?

Then I remembered that I had a book of stickers that I had bought some time ago and hadn't given away/used and I thought I would have a go at making it with them.

The card itself is easy to make, all from one A4 sheet of card and goes into a 6 x 6 envelope.

The trickiest part was sticking the characters inside so that they don't over hang the edges - when it is in the box shape it's not always obvious!

So how is it done?

Well, I have thought about doing this card at one of my classes (probably in February) so wrote out some instructions when making the prototype card and these  have now been typed up and can be seen below.

The main card is 6" x A4 length, and is scored at 2.75 inches intervals along the long edge, and at 3 inches on the short edge. 

There is about 1/2 inch left on the length when all the scoring is done - I cut the top part off and left the bottom half as the glue tab.

The spokes inside are made using a 1" x 8" strip of card, scored at 1/2 inch, 1 1/2 inch, 4 1/4, 5 1/4,  leaving 2 1/4 at the end.  Fold all score lines and stick the 1/2 inch tab to the other end to form a rectangle shape.  This gets stuck inside the main box.


  1. A fantastic pop up card, which I'm sure your friend's son will love. Your tutorial is also great and easy to follow. Hope you have a good weekend. Sally D.x.

    1. Thank you - I was pleased with the way it turned out in the end...! Hopefully he likes it too.

      J x

  2. I just love these pop up boxes! I've never tried one, but you sure are inspiring me to give it a go! Thanks for the tutorial too! hugs :)